"Nina D is a project born from the experience of Camilla Rossi and her family.

In 1984 her mother created a collection of hand-painted and embroidered denim shirts.

After years of experience in Mauro Grifoni, Momonì, Attic&barn and various consultings, Camilla feels the growing desire to express her personality through her creations and, drawing inspiration from those shirts, gives life to the brand NINA D.

The EMBROIDERY, important, but at the same time discreet and refined, is the hallmark of the brand.

An over shirt, stolen from the male wardrobe, becomes the canvas in which precious embroideries comes to life, unique and strictly handmade by expert Indian craftsmen.

Poplin and Denim in 100% cotton: these are the fabrics of the Collection in which cascades of sequins, beads and stones give life to exclusive embroideries inspired by nature."

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